CREW Careers

Olga Finkelshteyn and Jennifer Carter volunteered at the CREW Austin​ CREW Careers event held at the Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders​. The competition teaches 9th grade girls about the different career opportunities in the development, design and construction industry.
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The teams were given a prompt and only had a few hours to prepare a 10 minute presentation to be judged by a panel. Olga was a judge on the panel and Jennifer was an expert design professional, assisting the teams during their preparation for the presentation.

Olga’s thoughts on the day—
“I think it is important for girls to expand their knowledge of possible careers and to see women in those careers. Even though it just barely scratches the surface of what is involved in each career, simply knowing they have more options is encouraging and inspiring for girls. I wish I had something like this in school. The girls at Ann Richard School are an impressive group and present themselves with more maturity and confidence than the typical 9th grader.

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