Studio8 ramps up with new talent!

Introducing our newest Ochos.

Here are some little tidbits we thought you might find interesting about our newest colleagues. Enjoy!


Efrain Vergara is an Architectural Designer at our San Antonio office. He received his Bachelors in Architecture from UTSA and his Masters from the University of Oregon a few years back. Efrain is interested in adaptive reuse projects and has extensive experience in hospitality design. When Efrain isn’t at work, he is either traveling to his hometown of Chicago or cycling in Southtown at the Blue Star trail head. Efrain has even participated in a Century Ride where he biked for 100 miles in less than 12 hours.


Jingqi Li is an Architectural Designer at our Austin office. She majored in Industrial Design during her undergraduate studies in China and recently received her Master’s in Architecture from UTSA. Jingqi’s favorite part of the architectural process is programming because she feels this is where the concept is born. She is currently reading ‘The Story of Art’ in hopes to find a way to overlap industrial design, architecture and art. Off work, Jingqi is either eating at Sichuan River, her favorite Chinese restaurant or sweating out the toxins at Modo Yoga in Austin.


Ronnie Marquez is a Designer at our Austin office. Ronnie studied Interior Design at UT and will be graduating this summer. His favorite part of the design process is spatial problem solving because he finds it to be one big puzzle he gets to put together. Ronnie is also invested in caring for the environment and is interested in applying more sustainable approaches to design. Ronnie was even a Vegan for a year but broke it with a #2 combo from Chick-fil-A. Outside of work, Ronnie volunteers with his church in helping the community and has been on two mission trips; one to Indonesia and one to India.


Kelly McEachern,  is a Senior Interior Designer at our Austin office. After graduating from UTSA, Kelly began her career in Houston where she developed a niche focused on Workplace Strategy and Change Management. After a few years in the field, Kelly also discovered that in addition to designing, she really enjoyed managing and mentoring her colleagues, helping them reach their full potential. Outside of work, Kelly loves to hike or camp with her son. Since 2010, she and her son have made a tradition of traveling to Rwanda, Africa with Africa New Life Ministries to help support the children and local villages of Rwanda.


Xuhua Cheng is an Architectural Designer at our Austin office. She moved from China to the States six years ago and recently received her Master’s in Architecture from UTSA. When she was living in China, Xuhua received her licensure as an architect and urban planner. She is fascinated by Fractal theory and enjoys discovering how self-similar patterns are organized across different scales. Xuhua also really enjoys hand crafted model making, using any materials she can get her hands on. When Xuhua isn’t at work, she is most likely hanging out with her son at the Brushy Creek Greenbelt or practicing charcoal drawing.


Madison Towns is the new Design Intern for our San Antonio office. She is currently in her second year of architecture school at UTSA and plans on walking the stage in May of 2018. In addition to studying architecture, she is also working on obtaining a minor in business. Outside of work, Madison loves to travel, paint and even started her own photography business last summer. Find her at Guadalupe Park when the weather is nice with her Cannon 6D.