Texas Mutual’s new HQ invests in Employee Wellness

TXM’s new HQ wins the ATX Green Awards ‘Project of the Year – 2019’ and ‘The Building Health Leadership Award’

Texas Mutual Insurance Company, in close collaboration with its design team, prioritizes wellness design aspects to create a healthy and active workplace. The headquarters building is located within the Mueller development community under LEED for Neighborhood Development—a pedestrian-friendly environment with walkable destinations, open green spaces and connections to public transit—concepts that are replicated throughout the project’s design.

One of the primary goals of the project was to align itself with the “Design for Active Occupants” LEED innovation strategy, to promote physical activity in what would normally be a sedentary office environment. With LEED Gold and Austin Energy Green Building 4-Star certifications, the project took action to implement building design features that encourage an active lifestyle for current and future occupants. These wellness features include accessible central staircases, activity-promotion signage, an on-site fitness center, complimentary healthy and locally sourced food and drink choices, biophilic elements, ergonomic workstations, public transit incentives and access to natural daylight and work-friendly green spaces.

To monitor the activity and health progress of occupants, Texas Mutual provides wearable devices to track activity, plus access for employees to an online portal that evaluates individual health scores and biometric data. The company also provides a generous financial incentive to all employees who participate in an annual health risk assessment and biometric screening. The data collected from internal programs, combined with data from medical claims, provide key insights into the overall health of the organization.

Learn more about the project here.