The master plan coincides with, and integrates into, the larger master plan for all of Downtown Austin. The main focus is twofold: to restore and repair the Riparian environment as well as to enliven the creek as a destination for businesses and the community within downtown.

The project includes information gathering, as well as engagement with a many disparate stakeholder groups, such as city leaders, local business people, neighborhood and city staff planners, and especially people who live and work within the Waller Creek District.

Considerations are also made for the integration of transit, connectivity to/from other parts of Austin, civic and public space, and overall scale of the area. The team is also involved in analysis financial aspects of the project.

Location, Austin, Texas 2010

Scope, Masterplanning for Waller Creek District
Services, Masterplanning, Mapping, Creating Street Sections, Potential Development Density, 3-D Massing Studies

Client, City of Austin
Team, Milton Hime, Robert Byrnes

In collaboration with McCann Adams Studio