Natera™, a global leader in cell-free DNA (cfDNA) testing, committed to advancing oncology, women’s health, and organ health, embarked on a comprehensive renovation journey aimed at elevating its facilities to meet the demands of cutting-edge genetic research and diagnostics. Spanning from 2020 to 2023, the project encompassed a series of interior renovations and expansions, transforming office spaces into state-of-the-art clean lab facilities across multiple floors. These enhancements included structural modifications, equipment installations, and the design of essential infrastructure systems such as RO/DI water systems. The project’s overarching goal was to provide Natera’s researchers and staff with optimal environments conducive to innovation and breakthroughs in personalized genetic testing, thereby contributing to the advancement of healthcare and the realization of longer, healthier lives through early, targeted interventions.

Austin, Texas
Scope, Multiple Interior Renovations including Open & Private Offices, Conference Rooms, Phone Rooms, PRE-PCR, PCR, Sequencing & Extraction Labs, & Conversion of Office into Clean Lab Spaces, 125,000+ s.f.

Services, Architecture, Interior Design
Client, Natera
Team, Paul Detke, Michelle Weinfeld, Jillian Afflerbach