This multi-phase project began with the partnership of Wayside schools and Studio8, creating a master plan for the REAL Learning Academy. With tight deadlines and limited budget, the design team worked closely with WaySide school staff and the principal of REAL Academy to transform an old Target Store.

Daylight was an important element to include in this project. The budget had to be closely monitored and prioritized, but Studio8 found a way to perforate the roof with 29 clear skylight openings for the children and staff to see the progression of the sun throughout the day. Colors were strategically chosen and placed throughout the building for wayfinding, helping the students to easily navigate through spaces.

Location, Austin, Texas 2013

Scope, Renovation of an old Target Store into Pre-K through High School, 91,688 s.f.
Program, Classrooms, Administrative Offices, Commercial Kitchen, Library, Chemistry and Computer Labs, Art, Music, Gymnasium
Services, Architecture, Programming, Interior Design

Client, WaySide Schools