Over the years, the stereotypical call center has evolved into a more sophisticated, corporate experience. Executives have learned that a company’s prosperity is dependent on the employee’s attitude and their well-being which is impacted by their environment.

Untouched since 1992, the San Antonio call center was dark, dated and lacking in supporting the client’s mission; to provide a sense of community amongst its employees.  Driven by the building’s limitations, designers strove to provide brighter, more efficient lighting, warm and rich materials and home-like places for the ‘reset’ break throughout the day. In addition, the new layout bridges approachability between managers and agents by placing managers directly in the core of the call center. The design is inviting no matter what shift you are working and fully embraces employee happiness while maintaining the client’s brand with both style and substance.

Location, San Antonio, Texas On-going

Scope, Interior Renovations, 450,000 s.f.
Program, Lobby, Security, Offices, Data Center (Arena),
Conference Rooms, Restrooms, Break Areas
Services, Test Fits, Programming, Interior Design, Furniture

Client, San Antonio Call Center
Team, Megan Moshier, Lisa Cuddy, Lee Ann McClanahan