This nature park contains historic and pre-historic artifacts. Found on the grounds are remnants of a waterworks on Mill Creek, the homestead of Edmond E. Risien, father of the thin shell pecan, a mature pecan orchard, and numerous locations containing artifacts of early Native American habitation.

A fully accessible paved trail system connects various points of interest within the park including an entry plaza and restroom structure, a cantilevered overlook of the old Mill Creek Waterworks, two pedestrian bridges over Mill Creek, a wildlife observation structure, and a paved fishing area on the San Saba River, and several interpretative areas detailing the features and history of the site.

Location, San Saba, Texas, 2011

Scope, Public Nature Park, 40 Acres
Program, Entry Monument, Mill Creek Overlook Structure, Pedestrian Bridges, Concrete Trails, Fishing Pier, Interpretive Areas, Restroom
Services, Masterplanning, Programming, Architecture

Client, Lower Colorado River Authority
Team, Milton Hime, Robert Byrnes, Ethan Glass