The Johnson Creek Restroom began as an addition to the existing restrooms. After an in depth analysis of the site and existing facilities, Studio8 proposed a new, free-standing restroom in a location that would better serve trail patrons.

This location positions the restrooms to serve as both a buffer and a gateway, articulating the moment one leaves the parking lot and reconnects to the experience of nature provided by the trail. This concept of filtration from the man-made to the natural environment is further reinforced by the plan and construction of the building.

Built forms were conceived as filters for light, water, sounds, movement and assembled in a manner representative of the natural elements of the site. The building itself behaves as a filter, as patrons must travel through the open air facility to transition to the trail from the parking area.

Location, Austin, Texas 2013

Scope, Public Restroom, 540 s.f.
Services, Masterplanning, Architecture

Client, The Trail Foundation
Team, Milton Hime