The UT Elementary School provides a supportive environment for learning which engages both parents and community and supports personal growth and academic success for students and faculty.

The community spaces are the heart of the facility, allowing UT Elementary to serve as a model demonstration school through increased community partnerships. Flexible spaces allow the facility to serve many groups and a variety of needs. All spaces and design elements were examined for opportunities to function in multiple ways, including an operable partition that not only subdivides space, but can be used as a teaching board and art display.

The kitchen is used as a traditional food preparation and serving line, but also places emphasis on healthy eating, cooking, growing a garden, and harvesting. The cafeteria is part of the Garden to Table program and becomes a cooking classroom for children and parents during or after hours. This program teaches the kids to plant and tend to the school garden and learn to prepare healthy inventive meals.

Location, Austin, Texas 2012

Scope, Elementary School Addition, 19,346 s.f.
Program, Cafeteria, EduKitchen, Gym, Offices, Library, Playground
Services, Masterplanning, Architecture, Interior Design, Programming, Furniture

Client, University of Texas Elementary School
Team, Milton Hime, Ethan Glass, Megan Moshier, Lee Ann McClanahan

Certifications, AEGB 2-Star
Sustainability Strategies, 30% Texas Sourced Materials, 20% Recycled Materials, Low-Emitting Building Materials, Located within a quarter mile of Public Transit, Outdoor Pollutant Mitigation