The University of Texas, College of Liberal Arts is the largest on the UT campus, enrolling more than 15,000 students a year. This new building houses many of the Liberal Arts’ departments providing the opportunity for cross-disciplinary collaboration and innovation.

In beginning development, Overland Partners and Studio8 partnered with the college on programming. Overland Partners then focused on the facility structure, while Studio8 focused on the furniture and interior design aspects of the project.

Studio8 provided several full scale mock ups for students and faculty to evaluate all aspects of the furniture, in order to ensure that proper furniture was selected. Integrating the building design with the furniture was an important factor for the team. The design team coordinated on relationships between furniture and electrical, millwork and overall design and placement.

Location, Austin, Texas 2013

Scope, Multifunctional Academic Building, 212,000 s.f.
Program, Classrooms, Training Rooms, Administrative Offices, Auditoriums, Research and Media Labs, Conference Rooms, Digital Learning Environments
Services, Programming, Interior Design, Furniture 

Client, University of Texas
Team, Lee Ann McClanahan, Julie Petri

Sustainability Strategies, Courtyard Gardens, Rainwater Harvesting, COA reclaimed water use, Daylighting, Solar pre-heat hot water panels , Individualized occupant controls, CO2 monitors in all classrooms, Texas sourced materials, Over 75% construction waste management 

In collaboration with Overland Partners