People take top priority for YMCA of Austin, a group dedicated to community, social responsibility, healthy living, and building programs for youth development and leadership. Merging their workforce from two locations into one allowed the Y to reunite their teams in an environment that embodies their values and energy and underscores their collaborative and inclusive nature.

A variety of contrasts create balance and set the tone for the space. The entry is playful and dynamic, accentuated by the solid and static backdrop of coarse, cast-in-place concrete. Strong use of texture in wood, textiles and light are used to invigorate designated public gathering and collaboration areas, while quiet areas and work zones are overlaid in calm neutrals and smooth surfaces.

Careful attention was paid to balancing the open office work environment with the need for private space. All team members have access to a variety of places to work, meet, meditate, or make a personal call.

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Location, Austin, Texas 2014
Scope, Interior Office Renovation, 12,050 s.f.
Private & Open Office, Mediascape Room, Multi Purpose Meeting, Fitness Center, Break Area 
Services, Programming, Interior Design, Furniture

Client, YMCA Austin
Team, Robert Byrnes