The YMCA of Austin has been provided with a 85-acre gift to enrich children and families of the Central Texas area with an experience far removed from the city, but not so far in distance and time. Straddling the edges of Buda and Austin lies an oasis of natural landscape saddled in the meanderings of Onion Creek.

The unique character and diversity of this property greatly influenced the planning for the camp. The planning approach assessed the unique character zones of the property and determined specific activities which are best suited to each zone. Each activity area is designed to give visitors a variety of camp experiences and are all linked to one another by a trail system with multiple loops returning back to the lodge at the heart of the camp.

Location, Buda, Texas
Projected Completion, 2020

Scope, Day & Overnight Camp, Retreat, Event Venue, 85 Acres
Program, Lodge, Dining Hall, Tree House Cabins, Ropes Course, Repelling & Zip Line, Water Tower, Aquatics Center, Art Pavilions, Pool, Nature Trails, Camping
Services, Masterplanning, Architecture

Client, YMCA of Austin
Team, Milton Hime, Robert Byrnes, Brian Conklin, Amy Westermeyer, Amber Hughes