This flagship project, the largest investment in Schunk’s global portfolio, sets the standard for future endeavors. Studio8’s innovative approach resulted in a custom tilt-wall building, featuring a striking blend of materials and a unique hexagonal pattern inspired by the facility’s chemical processes. The iconic Administration Office showcases a sleek, perforated steel canopy and distinctive branded signage. Moreover, Studio8 integrated sustainable solutions such as roof solar panels, a chilled water system, and passive design strategies to minimize the building’s carbon footprint. Experience excellence in design and sustainability with Schunk’s state-of-the-art facility.

Location, Georgetown, Texas

Scope, 1-story 87,000 s.f. Industrial Production Facility, 13,6500 s.f. Class A Office, 5,000 s.f. Warehouse, & 28,800 s.f. Future Building Expansion
Services, Architecture, Interior Design

Client, Schunk Xycarb
Team, Robert Byrnes, Michelle Weinfeld, Westley Burger