The doctors of Austin Urology wanted a space that was calming and relaxing for the patients to feel truly cared for, similar to a spa-like experience. Nature was the inspiration behind the material selection, color palette, and artwork.

Daylighting was a top priority and planned to allow for most spaces to benefit from daylight, especially in the Waiting Area, the Nurse Station, and Main corridor. Shaded windows were placed in exam rooms allowing for light to filter in, while still providing privacy.

The Nurse Station is the hub of the practice, with clear views to exam and procedure rooms. Doctor and Physician’s Assistant offices are also in plain sight for constant availability and assistance. Within the exam rooms, open conversation is encouraged by the use of monitors on arms allowing Doctors, Physician’s Assistants, and nurses to easily share records and findings with the patients wherever they are in the room. Whiteboards are installed to help explain issues at hand.

Location, Austin, Texas, 2012

Scope, Clinic, 5,200 s.f.
Program, Exam Rooms 7, Procedure Rooms 2, Lobby, Administrative Stations, Nurse Station
Services, Interior Design, Programming, Test Fits

Client, Austin Urology Institute, Dr. Koushik Shaw